Letter From The Executive Director - Goldfarb Center


September 2021

Dear Friends of the Goldfarb Center,

There is a tangible new energy on campus at the beginning of the semester. You can feel the hope and trepidation of Colby’s largest incoming class ever. We are masking up, testing regularly, and navigating how to move forward with the current stage of the pandemic and the perpetual state of uncertainty that has become the norm.

We are also already tackling big conversations. At our first event of the semester, we discussed the fall and future of Afghanistan with Annie Pforzheimer, a retired U.S. diplomat who recently served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Afghanistan and Deputy Chief of Mission in Kabul, and John Turner, Associate Professor of History and Department Chair at Colby. Nearly 100 Colby students, faculty, and staff came together in person for the talk in which the speakers reminded us that you can respectfully disagree on serious issues. The brownie bar was also a hit.

Whether you are new or old to the Goldfarb Center, I encourage you to take a few minutes to explore our interactive Goldfarb Center Annual Report 2020-21. Scroll through the microsite to see what topics we tackled last year and how we connected Colby students to real-world experience and leadership opportunities. You will tell from our report that student leadership and faculty engagement are two critical elements of our structure and success.

Our theme this academic year, which was selected by the Goldfarb Student Executive Board, is freedom of speech. We will be hosting a number of conversations with policy makers, activists, academics, and other leading voices to explore issues around the intersection of freedom of speech with social media, the rise of cancel culture, and workplace and campus policies.

I always welcome your feedback and ideas. Connect with me at [email protected].

Best Regards,

Kimberly Flowers signature

Executive Director
Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs, Colby College

Kimberly Flowers


• Be a vibrant information hub on the most pressing current events in the world
• Increase awareness of the role of public policy to address these complex challenges
• Inspire active citizenship among the Colby Community
• Empower and build the leadership skills of Colby students
• Create networking opportunities to connect students to alumni and world leaders who have established careers in public affairs
• Spark thought-provoking public policy conversations
• Provide forum for open, healthy discourse for all (all majors, all opinions, all people)