The Goldfarb Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) provides essential leadership for connecting the Goldfarb Center both to Colby students and the College’s curriculum and academic life. The FAB partners with Goldfarb Center staff to implement the Center’s programming, to build a cross-disciplinary community of individuals with shared interests in public policy making and public affairs, to serve as a resource for students to develop leadership and other practical skills to help them become successful civic leaders upon graduation, and to elevate and support faculty-led public policy and public affairs-related work.

Meet the Advisory Board

Nicholas Jacobs

Nicholas Jacobs

Assistant Professor of Government and Faculty Associate Director

Jerzy Wieczorek

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Professor Yoder

Jennifer A. Yoder

Robert E. Diamond Professor of Government and Global Studies

Inga K. Diederich

Assistant Professor of East Asian History

Prof. Hanlon

Aaron R. Hanlon

Associate Professor of English Chair of the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Department

Farah Qureshi

Farah Qureshi

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Yang Fan

Todger Anderson Assistant Professor of Investing and Behavioral Economics

Sonya Donaldson

Assistant Professor of African-American Studies