Colby Faculty Discuss War in Ukraine

Politics & Pizza: War Crimes in Ukraine

April 15, 2022

The Government Dept. and the Goldfarb Center co-hosted a discussion regarding the current War in Ukraine with Colby Professor Kenneth Rodman, William R. Cotter Distinguished Teaching Professor of Government.
Professor Rodman spoke about whether Putin will be sent to the Hague and the politics of accountability for war crimes in Ukraine. The images of civilians massacred at Bucha have increased calls for responsibility for war crimes, aggression, and even genocide. Can the International Criminal Court or other bodies prosecute Russian military commanders and top political officials for these crimes, and what are the political implications of their trying to do so?

Politics & Pizza: War in Ukraine

March 4, 2022

The Colby Government Department hosted a panel discussion in light of recent events in Ukraine. The panel examined the current situation in the region, and more importantly, the underlying reasons why. The panel also discussed the stakes of the invasion, and international response.

The event featured William R. Cotter Distinguished Teaching Professor Ken Rodman, Visiting Assistant Professor Milan Babik, and Visiting Assistant Professor Tizoc Chavez. It was moderated by Robert E. Diamond Professor of Government and Global Studies Jennifer Yoder. 

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