Avery Marti ’22 - Goldfarb Center

“I have been able to engage with public policy issues that interest me both on and off Mayflower Hill.”



Q&A with Avery Marti ’22

What about the Goldfarb Center and its activities interested you in seeking an active role in a leadership position?

Experiencing the Goldfarb Center’s commitment to creating space for students to engage with issues beyond the Colby community led me to seek a leadership position within the organization. As a student at Colby, we study so many policy-based challenges facing the world. The Goldfarb Center gives students the opportunity to work alongside global citizens who are actively solving the same issues we confront in the classroom, allowing students to envision what the years after Colby could look like.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for this year?

I am most excited about the various ways we are covering our theme for the academic year: freedom of speech. While the First Amendment has always been a pillar of American democracy, the way the public interacts with it has developed significantly over the past 20 years as the internet changed the ways in which we communicate, protest, and express ourselves. I am most excited to hear from the speakers that cover technology policy to better understand how the First Amendment is viewed within the various, complex, and related corners of technology policy. 

Is there a moment you will always remember or a favorite memory you have with the Goldfarb Center? 

A moment I will always remember with the Goldfarb Center is meeting my current boss and receiving funding from Goldfarb to intern with a DC-based  technology startup last summer. Without the Goldfarb Center this opportunity would not have been possible, and upon concluding my summer position I was offered a full-time position after graduation.