Q&A with Brendan Althoff '26

Why are you engaged with the Goldfarb Center?

I am passionate about public affairs and the political process, and I really enjoyed the Goldfarb programming I have previously attended. I wanted to help shape programming going forward and to work to bring engaging speakers to campus. I also want to work to engage student voices and create a space where meaningful political discussion is possible.

What does leadership mean to you as someone on the Goldfarb Student Executive Board?

Leadership to me is about having genuine respect for the community. To adequately represent the wants and needs of the student body, you have to have real respect for them and for the community as a whole. I hope to bring that care and respect to everything I do with the Goldfarb Center.

What do you think is the most interesting thing happening right now in public affairs?

I’m fascinated by the war in Ukraine and how it has affected relations between the dominant European nations and how it has forced several countries to take more active roles than usual in world affairs. It also has been interesting to see how different leaders around the world have tried to position themselves as mediators.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for this coming year?

I’m excited for the Presidential Race to heat up in the near future, and for primary season to begin early next year. I’m sure we’ll follow that closely, and I’m excited to see what events we hold to discuss this consequential moment in American politics.