Q&A with Ginny Lash '26

Why are you engaged with the Goldfarb Center?


The Goldfarb Center appeals to my love of policy, especially that of the international sphere. It provides unique, insightful conversations, interesting and provoking speakers, and an accessible way to grow in understanding of the world. 

What does leadership mean to you as someone on the Goldfarb Student Executive Board?

To me, the leadership position I hold on the Goldfarb Student Executive Board enables me to help provide access to all the things I love about the Goldfarb Center to other students. Moreover, it enables me to start conversations I feel are lacking on this campus, all while collaborating with other students who may have different perspectives. 

What do you think is the most interesting thing happening right now in public affairs?


The most interesting thing in public affairs at the moment, in my opinion, is prison reform. I have a strong passion for prison reform, and though the process is slow moving, it is exceptionally interesting to see the actors involved in making incarceration more humane. Most specifically, I am interested in the fight against the death penalty, a long and complicated issue. 

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for the coming year?


I’m most excited for the diverse set of speakers that we will bring in this year. Speakers from unique backgrounds all talking on varied topics allows for such a lovely blend of ideas that only supports growth. I cannot wait to see all of the fascinating people that we bring in this year.