Meredith Allen ’21 - Goldfarb Center

“I’ve really embraced the opportunities to learn and engage in conversations about public policy outside of the classroom. I’ve been able to explore new ideas and challenge myself while meeting leaders from the Colby community and beyond.”

Q&A with Meredith Allen ’21

Why are you engaged with the Goldfarb Center? 

The Goldfarb Center provides so many opportunities to be intellectually curious, and there will probably be no other time in my life that I’ll be able to interact with experts on a variety of policy issues. Listening to the perspectives of others has strengthened my ability to think critically and express my opinions as they evolve, which are skills I had hoped to develop at Colby and that will be important for my entire life.

What does leadership mean to you as someone on the Goldfarb Student Executive Board?

The Executive Board is a collaborative group of passionate students, and our role largely entails learning from each other and bearing the responsibility to bring each other’s ideas to fruition. We have the ability to take ownership of important events happening on campus, and our success relies on encouraging members of the Colby community to take part in our conversations. And as a senior, I’m excited to start mentoring our first year representatives and help them realize how much they have to gain from their involvement with Goldfarb.

What do you think is the most interesting thing happening right now in public affairs? Or, why do you think it is important for Colby students to care about public affairs?

The ongoing policy response to Covid-19 at the local, state, and national level will determine how we grow out of such a devastating health and economic crisis. As much as this pandemic has uprooted our lives, I’m really glad Covid-19 is a focus for the Goldfarb Center this year because I’m looking forward to hearing from decision-makers who have been tackling it from all sides.

Is there a moment you will always remember or a favorite memory you have with the Goldfarb Center?

Early in the fall of my first year, I attended a Women in Business lunch discussion hosted by the Goldfarb Center, and it is definitely the reason I became involved. It was the perfect introduction to the Goldfarb Center’s role in promoting leadership, and since then I’ve shared many more meals with my peers, faculty and staff, alumni, and visitors, conversing about interesting issues I don’t always get to explore in my classes.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for this year?

I really appreciate how enthusiastic everyone at Colby seems to be during election season, and I have a feeling that the enthusiasm won’t end after this election. It will be interesting to see how things evolve in 2021, on campus, in Maine, and nationally, and I’m excited for the role the Goldfarb Center has to play in educating the Colby community in a nonpartisan way this year.