Hill to Hill: Washington D.C. JanPlan Internship


The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs, in collaboration with DavisConnects, offers funding and internship placement services for 10 students who want to explore careers in Washington, D.C., through a JanPlan internship program. The initiative, called “Hill to Hill,” aims to strengthen community connections between Mayflower and Capitol Hill by enabling student interns to immerse themselves in the D.C. culture during the JanPlan session. It also provides a chance to connect with alumni and other members of the Colby community who work and reside in D.C.

Internships available at various sites in D.C. will focus on experiences that align with the Goldfarb Center’s four pillars: politics, policy, persuasion, and the press. The Goldfarb Center provides guaranteed placement opportunities at organizations such as lobbying firms, press organizations, non-profit advocacy firms, trade associations, and government relations offices, with Colby alumni and supporters. Applicants will work with Goldfarb Center staff to match their interests with a placement site. While having a confirmed internship is not necessary for applying, applicants may suggest a specific placement site in D.C. during the application process.

Interns who are accepted into the program will work approximately 30 hours per week at their assigned job placement. Interns will also need to participate in weekly facilitated meetings with other members of the Hill to Hill cohort and contribute weekly posts to the cohort’s digital storytelling platform, hosted by Omprakash EdGE and visible to the public.

The Hill to Hill internship program ends with a one-day capstone celebration, which various members of the Colby community in Washington, D.C., are invited to attend. The event aims to provide networking and relationship-building opportunities for the interns. During the celebration, interns give a short presentation on their experience during the JanPlan D.C. internship, and also hear from alumni about their early career experiences. 

Hill to Hill Learning Objectives

During this program, participants will:

~Develop the confidence to engage  with the sociopolitical  fabric of Washington, D.C. 

~Cultivate relationships with peers and alumni working in D.C. 

~Develop a range of transferable skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability that will enhance their capacity to excel in various professional environments;

~Gain insights into the American political landscape, its history, and its current dynamics, enabling them to engage with and contribute meaningfully to political discussions

~Engage in experiential learning opportunities, enabling them to envision themselves as able to make a future impact on the field


Any full-time Colby student is eligible to apply

Award Amount

The Award Amount provided is meant to help cover expenses associated with living and working away from campus during an internship, such as housing, transportation, and food. This applies to both paid and unpaid internships, and the amount awarded will range from $500 to $5,000 based on the budget presented in the application materials.

Application Process

Applicants will be evaluated based on the substance and sentiment of their application materials, which may include optional questions that the applicant can choose to address. The Goldfarb Center is particularly interested in supporting student interns who wish to experience the cultural and political dynamics of Washington, D.C., as a new and exciting personal and educational growth opportunity.

Completing and submitting the application should take approximately one hour, and it is recommended that applicants spend no more than this amount of time responding to all of the essay questions and obtain copies of their resume, transcript, and the name of one faculty reference prior to starting an application.

To view and submit an application, click here. (If you are not already registered with the Omprakash EdGE on-line learning platform, you will need to create a new account.) After registering, you will be directed to the Logistics page where you will see a 3-part application. You must complete and submit all 3 parts for your application to be considered. Please note that the application deadline is October 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET.

Application Deadlines

~Monday, September 25, 2023: Applications open. Submit your application via the Omprakash Edge Portal

~Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 11:59PM: Application deadline

~Friday, October 6, 2023 at 5:00PM: All applicants will be notified of their selection status to enable any applicants not selected to pursue other opportunities and funding using DavisConnects General Application

~Monday, October 9 – Friday, December 2, 2023: Successful applicants will work directly with Goldfarb Center staff to finalize placement sites, refine your budget, secure a faculty advisor, and meet all fund disbursement requiremen


Reach out to Erica Buswell, [email protected], with any questions or make an appointment to talk, or attend Goldfarb office hours on Wednesdays from 11:30-1:30 during the application period.