The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs hosted on campus two leading voices on reproductive rights: Skye Perryman, formerly the chief legal officer and general counsel for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and currently president and CEO of the Democracy Forward Foundation, and Dr. Jen Villavicencio, an obstetrician-gynecologist with a public policy expertise who works in anti-racism and reproductive justice in addition to providing abortion care.

This event explored historical, legal, and medical perspectives regarding reproductive autonomy in the United States with a particular focus on the current U.S. Supreme Court term. Our speakers examined recent changes to abortion laws, including the Supreme Court’s consideration of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which was heard on December 1, and its implications on medical care, health care access, and the law. Panelists also discussed the Texas Senate Bill 8 and other developments in reproductive health policy.